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What Does TrueView Mean for Your Automotive Video Marketing

What is TrueView?

The answer to all your automotive video marketing hopes and dreams? Not quite. But TrueView is most certainly a boon to automotive video marketing. TrueView ads are, in essence, opt-in video advertising on Youtube (or other locations on the internet) without the traditional rigid timer. TrueView was built to fulfill Google’s promise that “you’ll only pay when someone chooses to watch your video ad.”

People might not be paying to watch your automotive video marketing ads just yet – but TrueView is an improvement on the mountains of wasted views that have resulted over the years of regular video advertising.


How does it work?

TrueView is set up to be an easy win-win. Advertisers don’t waste many views (if any) on uninterested viewers, and users don’t have to sit through ads they don’t care about. Advertisers get more views from an interested audience and since they get to pick what they pay for a view, advertisers can leverage TrueView ads for a good price.

Another benefit of TrueView is that there isn’t a time limit. Unlike the 30 or 50 second spots that dealers are used to with automotive video marketing on television, or even the 15 or 30 second pre-roll ads of regular automotive video marketing ads. The lack of time limit means dealers can get creative with their video marketing – opening up product demos, testimonials, how-to’s, and walkthroughs as potential video marketing content.

Youtube’s TrueView ads allow the user to skip the ad after a few seconds. Don’t want to watch an ad about dog food? Don’t watch the video, just press skip. It isn’t so much opt-in as it is technically opt-out, but the opt-out motion is so effortless, it’s almost an opt-in to refrain from automatically clicking the skip button like so many of us do.

In fact, one really excellent TrueView ad pokes fun at this. In a Volkswagen ad, the car advertised says that it “changes gears and skips ads for you,” and then a cursor pops up and “clicks” the skip button, seemingly cutting off the video and letting the user’s intended video play. It’s just a video that is the same length as the short “skip ad” loading length – in this case – just 5 seconds. It might not have been the most effective campaign, but it shows the creativity possible with opt-in TrueView ads.


What are the types of TrueView ads?

There are two types of TrueView ads, in-stream, and video discovery. In-stream are much more common, and they’re what you probably immediately pictured when thinking about the possibilities of TrueView in your automotive video marketing.

In stream ads play before or during a Youtube video. Viewers see five seconds of video and are then prompted to skip or keep watching. The advertisers only pay if views watch at least 30 seconds of the video, until it ends, or if the user clicks on the advertisement for some other reason than to skip.

TrueView Video discovery ads show up alongside other youtube videos, search pages, or GDN websites that match the advertiser’s target audience. Basically, these will show up on web pages (like Youtube) like a suggested video would, with a small indicator that it is an ad. This doesn’t sound insanely useful, but it is, particularly for car dealers looking to use their automotive video marketing to capitalize on car shoppers doing research. Research by J.D. Power shows that 13% of internet car shoppers look to YouTube specifically to research their next purchase.  By integrating TrueView advertising into automotive video advertising, it’s far more likely that dealers will be able to reach these car shoppers.


What does it do for my automotive video marketing?

TrueView ads offer a variety of benefits to anyone who uses it to advertise. Just in this blog post, we’ve already mentioned many of the benefits:

  • Advertisers only pay for a real view
  • Video only plays for a self-selected and interested audience
  • Video advertising is more effective than regular display
  • Advertisers can set the view price themselves, meaning they always pay a fair price
  • Users are less fatigued by constant long ads and more likely to watch interesting ones
  • Users are no longer resentful that their content is gated by mandatory ads
  • No time limit to restrict information or creativity

We can all agree that’s wonderful, but why is it great for dealers?

Well, TrueView’s particular glory for automotive video marketing is it’s potential to offer information of value to shoppers. Now, we talk about this a lot, so we’re going to have to apologize in advance for the upcoming burst of passion: Shoppers. Love. Information.

With the possible exception of fast food products and Jello, shoppers want all the information they can get when it comes to buying a product. This is especially true with cars. People spend vastly more time researching and preparing to buy a car than they do buying (including test driving) the actual car. According to ACA Research, this can take up to 3 months of actual research prior to ever contacting a dealership for a test drive.  When it comes to really effective automotive video marketing, TrueView ads help dealerships give interested customers the information they want. Video marketers don’t have to try and jam offers and deals into a 30-second ad that someone is going to ignore anyway.

With TrueView ads, marketers can take their time and show a full video featuring the safety highlights of the new Highlander, and the audience who has opted-in to watch it will actually care because it is valuable knowledge for them. Delivering valuable information is one of the best and most important elements to be incorporated into automotive video marketing, and TrueView helps make that possible.

Now, we’d say ‘but don’t listen to us, listen to…” for this next part, but we do actually recommend listening to us. Nevertheless, you should also listen to Richard Bustillo of Rick Case Honda in Florida. Bustillo implemented an intense automotive video marketing campaign of TrueView ads specifically targeting potential trade-ins. The result? Doubling their monthly trade-ins (resulting in a 12x boost in ROI) and increased monthly site viewers by a whopping 18%.

I think we’ll leave it at that, because that’s a pretty happy ending. If your automotive video marketing strategy doesn’t already include TrueView, now’s the time.