Automotive Paid Search Advertising

Automated Inventory Ads (AAG)

Our automotive advertising agency uses proprietary technology for Paid Search ads that dynamically showcase your auto dealership inventory to online car shoppers who are searching for a particular make and model.

Account Architecture

Keywords are researched, added to the Paid Search ad campaign, and then categorized into unique audience segments. Ad campaign, ad group and keyword structure is then expanded, pruned and optimized throughout the ad campaign.

Ad Unit Management

Unique ad copy is written and tested for each automotive Paid Search campaign ad group and audience segment. Advertising copy is rewritten and tested on an ongoing basis to maximize Paid Search click-through rates and conversions.

Dynamic Bid Management

Rule-based bid algorithms are set up to meet target cost-per-acquisition goals. Bid parameters for auto dealer Paid Search  ads are managed account wide at the ad group and keyword level.

Analysis & Optimization

Paid Search ad campaign performance is analyzed by category, demographics, geo-location, device-type, ad group, and keyword. Optimizations are continually made in order to maximize your auto dealer Paid Search campaign performance.

Google & Bing Certified

Our automotive Paid Search advertising analysts and strategists are trained heavily in the latest SEM principles, techniques, and best practices. All team members are certified by both Google and Bing.

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What's in the Box

Account Architechture

  • SEM Keyword research & build out
  • Keyword structure & optimization (expansion, pruning & structuring)
  • Paid Search ad group structure & optimization (expansion, pruning & structuring)
  • Campaign/category structure & optimization (expansion, pruning & structuring)
  • Search engine marketing structure & optimization

Ad Management

  • Create ad units/write ad copy
  • Paid Search ad unit strategy/rotation
  • Test & optimize advertising units

Bid Management

  • Implement bid strategy in accordance with budgets & goals
  • Manage bid parameters account wide
  • Utilize rule-based bid management (CPC, CPA, ROI, Position) as appropriate

Budget Management

  • Monitor overall Paid Search advertising account spend
  • Adjust spend mix to maximize results towards goals


  • Web event conversion tracking via 3rd party (visit, KPI, lead, sale, etc)
  • Real-time access to omni-channel reporting platform (CRP)


  • Analyze SEM data to minimize impact of low performing tactics
  • Adjust any combination of account architecture, ad units, bid strategy/management, and/or budget management to maximize campaign results


Auto shoppers who are searching terms such as “dealerships near me” are in active buying mode. If your auto dealership isn’t listed prominently in the search results, you can be certain that you’re losing these buyers to your competition.

Paid Search ads work because you are serving an ad for a relevant product to a shopper while they are searching for that particular product. You’re giving someone exactly what they want in the moment they want it.

While metrics such as share-of-voice and average position are important, the metrics that are most useful for measuring success are VDP views, hours & directions pageviews, phone calls, and web leads.

Your paid search ads show up on all devices that use a major search engine, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.