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5 Automotive Social Media Marketing Tactics That Drive Results

“Results” can mean a lot of things. Sales, leads, engagement, views, visitors, test drives, service appointments, email subscriptions, social media followers, PDF downloaders, etc. The list goes on. We apologize that we can’t be more specific in our headlines. However, be encouraged by the fact that each of the following automotive social media marketing tactics is one which will (either directly or indirectly) drive your single most important result – profit.


1. Represent Your Online CX

This monumentally important aspect of the car buying process is often totally forgotten when it comes to marketing and advertising on social media. While your advertising and marketing should have fundamentally excellent customer experiences, you can also market your website customer experience.

Your online customer experience is just as important as your low prices – but how much are you really touting it? Social media is the perfect place to advocate for your dealership on totally different level. While everyone else is scraping over price, let shoppers know about your phenomenal pricing tools, easy sign-ups, or fantastic search tools.

Market your dealership based on an easy test-drive sign-up:

Or consider touting your dealership’s trade-in tools to bring in price-conscious customers:

You can steal either of these examples, but an equally good idea that involves only slightly more work would be to look into your analytics, determine your most popular website tools, and promote those with these types of strategic, informational posts (or even videos).

You can also try and highlight excellent yet uncommon tools that people rarely use and draw attention to the features that set your dealership apart. Your ultimate goal is to show shoppers how your dealership delivers the best customer experience around – however you decided to do that, social media is an exceptional starting point.


2. Show Off Your Happy Customers

Social is social. As amazing as the advertising and marketing on social media can be (think Dollar Shave Club’s famous ultra-sharable viral video), it isn’t why people go to social media. They want to see other people – friends, close family, distant relations, celebrities, personalities.

One of the best moves in automotive social media marketing is simply recognizing this fact and adjusting your marketing to match. Involve people in your social media marketing. Like Gene Butman Ford does in this sweet congratulatory post:

For better results from your automotive social media marketing, use the platforms for their intended purpose – sharing snippets from people’s lives. 


3. Video is Worth The Investment

People enjoy watching videos. Maybe we need some statistics to make this point as clearly as we want.

Snapchat: 10 billion video views every single day

YouTube: Over 5 billion video views each day

Facebook: ~500 million people watch Facebook videos every day
Twitter: 82% of Twitter’s audience watches video content

People really enjoy watching videos. In this day and age, it’s how most people prefer to consume daily content. Social media platforms have naturally taken note of this preference. Not only are social media platforms introducing tools to encourage the creation and use of video, they’re making an effort to push video. Facebook has even taken steps to increase the frequency of video posts being displayed on our news feeds.

You can’t blame them – it’s all because of the demand for video content.

What does all this mean for your automotive social media marketing? Video is a social media game changer – and a medium that is flexible enough to support nearly all of your marketing goals. One way is to advertise and market your dealership and specials with short, eye-grabbing videos:

You can also grab your smartphone and make a quick, shareable video like the one below. At just six seconds and a charming loop, it’s just the kind of easy-consumed but attention-grabbing content that suits Twitter users.

Remember that while promoting your longer automotive marketing videos across your social media platforms is a great idea – not all video content will work as well on all platforms. If you want to present a more polished approach to your video marketing, make an effort to create some platform-specific content (at least for your best-performing channels).


4. Deliver Relevant Content in an Attractive Package

An essential part of offering a good customer experience is being helpful. That can be tricky on social media – where determining what everyday scrollers will think is useful and they’ll simply ignore. If you’re struggling with this, ask yourself “What would my audience like to know?” or “What’s a useful tip that I’d give a relative asking for a quick solution?”

Crowley Auto Group clearly has someone at the social media controls who is asking those questions. They’ve provided a great example of useful content is this helpful (bonus points for seasonal) tip on a little bit of vehicle TLC:

Even though useful doesn’t always mean useful to you, all your social media content should be on topic. As tempting as it might be to post that celebratory touchdown tweet, remember that on social media, you’re a dealership. Stay on subject, and keep your posts aligned with the goals of car shoppers and owners. Otherwise, you risk becoming just another personality – interesting to your followers, but maybe not driving many sales.


5. Cross-Promote Your Social Media

Many people use more than one social media account, and if you’ve got a particularly strong presence on one, you can use the others to funnel visitors to your strongest account where your best social content, the power of social proof, and digital word of mouth will all work together in your favor.

Equally valuable is promoting new platforms you are focusing on in your most popular channels. For example, if you’re about to launch your completely revamped YouTube channel, it’d be a great idea to promote your new channel (and videos) on your strongest channel – like your Facebook.


Conclusion and Caveat:

All of these are tactics that we know from experience drive results – even if they’re slightly less tangible than an instant sale every time. Remember that even though social media seems like it’s all about immediacy, it can take patience to see the full effects a good automotive social media marketing campaign.

However, all that being said, if the advice we’re giving doesn’t match up with your dealership’s personality – either adjust it so it does, or just skip to the next tip. For example, if your dealership’s kooky, quirky posts all over social media is what drives most of your traffic – keep it going.